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It is our goal to create a haven and home for our residents. It is our belief that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, and died to give us eternal life. Our mission is to provide a peaceful, loving atmosphere for all of our residents.

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News & Updates

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Rutledge Ranch Gift Fund

June 29, 2023

Our mission at Rutledge Ranch is to serve one another and bring people to the Lord through providing quality and above average care to seniors as well as spiritual growth. Unfortunately, there are many underprivileged senior citizens that have desired a home at the Ranch due to our Christian values, but have had to be turned away due to a lack of funding.

We at the Ranch have created an opportunity for you to help these citizens through giving, if the Lord places it on your heart. All donations received in the Gift Fund account will go directly towards the people in need, providing necessities such as clothing, food, housing, etc. We greatly appreciate all of the support and look forward to seeing how the Lord works to provide for these underprivileged yet very deserving individuals.

You are able to contribute through cash or check donations. Please make checks payable to Rutledge Ranch Gift Fund. 


Life at Rutledge Ranch Retreat

Christian Assisted Living

Life at Rutledge Ranch is a very peaceful and spiritual way of living. Tucked out in Paulden, Arizona in open-range cattle country, residents are cared for like our own family. The Ranch prides itself on the best possible physical and emotional care. Not only do we have experienced and devoted caregivers and nurses overseeing our residents, we also we strive to provide spiritual and Christian values in the home.

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The Mission


The Ranch


Activities and Meals

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The Mission

Our Mission at the Ranch is to provide top quality care for our clients. We provide the best medical care as well as a caring and nurturing environment. As we are a Christian home, we pride ourselves on our Christian values and have prayer and worship services. We also have bible studies and gospel music.

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The Ranch

Our Ranch is located in rural Paulden, Arizona. We are secluded, yet only under 2 miles from highway 89. The property surrounding the ranch has very friendly burros who love to be fed carrots, a ranch dog named Millie, an outside cat named Shiela, and a little white dog, Benny, as our weekly visitor. Residents don't even need to leave the porch to view these adorable animals. They also are able to witness incredible views throughout the year, especially during our rainy monsoon season. Spectacular rainbows, gorgeous sunsets, and cattle walking down the road are just a few things that excite the residents. We also look forward to adding our new 75 gallon indoor aquarium for a wonderful activity during the Winter months.

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Activities and Meals

As we believe that God is our creator, we focus on enjoying all of the gifts that mother nature has provided us. Residents enjoy bird watching, listening to the water fountains, and observing the rabbits, road-runners, and other wildlife that lives at the ranch. We have many inside activities as well, such as bingo, ball toss, trivia games, light and lively exercise, and many arts and crafts. Our residents are encouraged to express their interests so that we can have activities that suit their needs. Fresh home cooked meals, with a variety of salads and fruits are always available at the ranch. Snacks are provided and we do our best to assist with any dietary concerns.

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Comments from Clients and Customers

My father, who had Alzheimer's, spent 18 months at Rutledge Ranch. I found the facility and Sandy to be the most loving, Christian care facility in Yavapai county. I would visit at odd times on different days and always found her, the facility, and the grounds well kept. I witnessed many times the care and love which was shown to all residents. I knew deep in my heart, dad was as happy as he could be at Rutledge Ranch. When dad passed, the care and heart felt love continued via the compassion which was shown at this difficult time. To say God broke the mold after he created Sandy, would be an understatement. 

-David R. 

I had the honor of placing my mom at Rutledge Ranch Retreat under the care of Sandy and her staff. She received great care and spiritual nurturing. The cleanliness and decor made this more of a home than a facility in which to place my mom. She loved the food and always had something available to her if she was hungry. The staff was attentive to her needs while always balancing the care of all the patients. If an issue of concern arose, I only had to talk to Sandy and it was addressed. Thankfully this was very seldom. My mom stayed there until her passing which was handled in the most delicate way and with dignity to both my mom and myself. If I had the privilege of doing it all over again with my mom, I would again place her at Rutledge Ranch. They were definitely a blessing for us.

-Lori Padilla

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1575 W Slick Horn Alley, Paulden, AZ 86334, USA


FAX: 602-324-0814

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